Corporate Social Responsibility

Day at the Bay Annual Sponsorship

DASCO demonstrates its commitment to annually sponsor the Day at the Bay Fundraiser for St Merkorious Charity. This event takes place at Leichardt Oval and offers a day filled with fun activities, where attendees and sponsors express their support through donations and participating in the Bay run or walk. The event also features various food and entertainment.

day at the bay
day at the bay team presentation
day at the bay team

This occasion holds great significance as it embodies compassion, community spirit, and the sense of unity that DASCO strives to foster. In addition to providing funding for the community event, DASCO plays an active role in the planning and organisation. All the funds raised from this event go directly towards essential efforts, including feeding the homeless and preparing 3,300 hot and cold meals every week for disadvantaged families, as well as supporting skill-enhancing programs.

Volunteering with St Merkorious Charity

We believe that by coming together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Giving back to the community is inextricably linked to the values of DASCO.

DASCO Volunteering

At DASCO we believe a real commitment to charity extends beyond financial donations. We actively encourage our team members to participate in community-driven volunteer work, activities, and events throughout the year with St Merkorious Charity. They provide essential Food Relief Services and community meals, educational support programs, emergency fundraisers, and advice for long term client goals. By engaging with local communities, we build strong relationships and foster a sense of unity that goes beyond the office we operate in.

University Sponsorships

DASCO proudly sponsors the Waterproofing Design Principles Course at University of Technology Sydney and University of Western Sydney, benefiting both Construction Project Management and Engineering students in targeted subjects.

The student and staff feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants have gained invaluable insights, and the knowledge they have acquired will undoubtedly prove invaluable throughout their careers, greatly benefiting our industry as a whole.

University Sponsorship

University of Western Sydney

University Sponsorship

University of Technology Sydney

Beirut Appeal

In the wake of the devastating Beirut Blast on August 4, 2020, DASCO Australia stepped up to support the Lebanese citizens and alleviate their struggles. Through their dedicated efforts, DASCO played a crucial role in the ‘Coming Home Campaign,’ aimed at Rebuilding Beirut. With a remarkable commitment, DASCO successfully repaired $300,000 worth of damages across 531 dwellings.

DASCO’s expertise was instrumental in securing and restoring damaged homes, including repairing and installing glazing, windows, and entry doors. This vital initiative was made possible through a collaborative partnership with St. Merkorious Charity in Australia and the Lions Club of Beirut. To ensure efficient execution, a DASCO project manager was deployed on-site to oversee all the work and coordination.

Beirut Appeal
Terrigal Surf and Lifesaving Club

DASCO takes immense pride in its role as a Major Club Sponsor for the Terrigal Surf and Lifesaving Club. The club’s dedicated focus on lifesaving and rescue programs, coupled with innovative services aimed at enhancing surveillance during critical periods, exemplifies its unwavering commitment to safety. 

The club also facilitates community carnivals, spirited sports competitions, coaching and diverse community-driven endeavors, underscores its pivotal role beyond just sports. We are enthusiastic about these remarkable community initiatives that foster a profound sense of togetherness among both the local Terrigal residents and visiting guests.


For several years, DASCO has been a proud sponsor of the Diamond Women Annual Golf Day in support of women who are facing pregnancy in isolation or without support.  

Golf day

Diamond Women are focused on female empowerment, establishing a free mother’s group for a safe place for mums to learn without judgement and connect socially. Additionally, their services go as far as one-on-one counselling, organising midwife services, giving food and clothes, and even accompanying mums to their appointments.
Partnering with their sponsor Allcott Hire, the annual Golf Day is filled with entertainment, and fundraising activities to raise funds to continue their work. DASCO is proud to sponsor an that empowers women with confidence during this challenging and critical time in their lives.