Salim Nicolas speaks at RADIUS 2024 Event
30th May 2024

Presented by Palantir Consulting, RADIUS is an event aimed at fostering connections and knowledge-sharing among builders and devleopers, engineers, consultants, project managers, architects, material suppliers, and strata managers in the construction and engineering industries. The event offers attendees the chance to learn from and network with industry experts. 

As a guest for the Industry Business Owners Panel, DASCO Co-Director Salim Nicolas spoke alongside Dominique Gill of Urban Core, Berkay Dincel of Dincel Structural Walling and David Kamel of Creative Vision. The panel, hosted by Palantir Consulting Founding Director William Zhang, shared insights into industry challenges and how they can be overcome, how to train employees to becoming leaders, and visions for moving forward as a business in construction. 

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Salim explained DASCO’s plans for the future to include ‘continuous staff education and learning from the upcoming generation’, and on fostering DASCO’s healthy workplace culture, ‘Never lose the feeling of being a family, it endorses harmony’. 

 The DASCO team drew inspiration from many industry experts and thought leaders whose passion for innovation and quality showcased the best of the construction field.  

Thank you, Palantir Consulting and all esteemed guests, for this valuable opportunity.