NSW Building Commissioner Calls Out First Good Practice Builder
2nd February 2024

In his most recent LinkedIn post, New South Wales Building Commissioner Mr. David Chandler OAM highlighted the efforts of DASCO as the first builder to be publicly praised for our ongoing commitment to quality and safety.

Speaking with our Willoughby site team, he explained that DASCO and the team have consistently demonstrated best-practice across our work.

”The DASCO team show a corporate-wide commitment to the culture and capability that is reversing the public perception that our industry was all tarred with the same brush.”


”Constructors like DASCO saw the opportunity to be amongst the leaders. They have showcased their journey to others and invested in the next generation of construction professionals…DASCO walk the talk”.

icirt and iso2

We extend immense gratitude to Mr. Chandler OAM for his visit, and commendation of DASCO’s efforts, particularly of our team at Willoughby.

As a 4.5 gold star iCIRT rated builder and developer we understand that upholding a commitment to trustworthiness and striving to maintain quality and safety standards across all areas is fundamental in this industry. His recognition of our standard of work among others is truly appreciated. His feedback reinforces our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence, and to ‘Creating with Care’ as we have done since 1993.

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