2023 Ethnic Business Awards FINALIST
8th December 2023

Since the late 1980’s the Ethnic Business Awards (EBA) have recognised and celebrated the contributions of migrants to Australian business and society. There is a significant number of successful migrant businessmen and women who sacrificed much to live in Australia and strived to build towards their dreams, and through this platform their stories are told. 

DASCO Directors Daniel and Salim were nominated in the Medium to Large Business category for the 2023 ceremony. The nomination application was a look into Daniel and Salim’s courageous story of migration, the fruition of numerous achievements, awards, and charity work, and the founding of DASCO from what it was to what it is today. Daniel and Salim recounted their story to the EBA film crew, explaining their unwavering commitment to quality and community.

DASCO congratulates the final winners of each category and all finalists, and is proud to have Daniel and Salim recognised for their personal story.